Product Review : Phone Cases

New Phone cases for free???  Sign me up!!


And they did.  This adorable package arrived in the mail with three lovely new phone cases for me to try and out and tell you all about them!!  My boys are super in to the wooden cases right now, me?  Not so much.  I look at it and think of all the ways it can get damaged.


Guess what??  I was WRONG!!

I have had the lovely “Blessed” wooden case on my phone for about 2 weeks now and no issues at all.  Now, I have not dropped my phone in those two weeks (which I am prone to do) but it looks lovely.

One of my boys thought the shiny one was the best, and I do like it but the wooden one or the clear one are my favorites.BYKleFerTAOH4fwP2TBGSg

I have to say these arrived packaged lovely!!  They were in a box will shredded paper and tissue paper with a sweet card too.  These would be a fantastic gift!!R5Gacc5HSrqxKQW6iPmnDA

I love that the cases are adorable and remind me every time I see them about my main focus.  0RZ2oakIRyai83dSGRUf4Q

Because, quite honestly, aren’t we all prone to wander?  I know I am!!

NOTE:  I received these cases to review, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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