Review : Study Bible for Women

I was offered a chance to check out a new Bible.  While I am not in the market for a new Bible, I knew I would enjoy checking this one out and would find a home for it!  I am so excited to be able to take this with me to Malawi.  I needed a Bible for my trip, but now I can leave this beauty there for our hosts to keep or giveaway!!  Yay!


Inside there is a pretty dedication page.  I do love the colors throughout – turquoise and peachy/pink


Then there is a family tree page, which I really like.  There is more space here than what my Bible has.


In each book, there is some extra information, a verse from the book, and then additional information about the book, even a timeline on the bottom of the page so you can put it all in perspective.


In the beginning there are a couple pages dedicated to teaching how to study the Bible for anyone who is new to this or not sure.


Throughout there are word studies where a part of page is highlighted and used to define terms.  These are very helpful, especially for new believers or someone who really wants to dig in a little more.fullsizeoutput_2855

Lastly is my favorite, the real meat for Bible study is the doctrine study, where there is a little more depth and connecting things throughout.  This is my favorite way to study scripture, really digging in to the original meanings of words and intents of statements based on the time period.  fullsizeoutput_2856

I loved this Bible and would buy one as a gift without hesitation.  Might make a great graduation gift for high school or college graduate!  This is a beautiful Bible and one that would make me smile when I am using it!

NOTE: I was offered a copy of this Bible in exchange for an honest review.

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