Book Review : Storm Front

I love diving into a novel by Susan May Warren.  My favorite thing about there books is  family.  Not necessarily blood family, but God given family.  Those people in your life who love you and you love.  Those people who do the day to day with you and put up with your shenanigans and still love you when you are not so nice!  Those people.  Ms. Warren must have a lot of these people because she writes beautifully about how important they are to our lives!

storm front

The latest novel Storm Front is book 5 in the Montana Rescue series.  I love that too, that she takes a series beyond the typical three people, three books, three stories and done.  I love that I get to keep coming back to the Montana Rescue characters!

Ty is the main character this time around.  Ty is a helicopter pilot who doesn’t fly anymore.  His fierce devotion to his friends and to people in general is inspiring.  Ty comes face to face with a woman who disappeared from his life not too long ago, but he has been unable to forget her.   Brett feels the same way about him, but fear keeps her from opening up about why and more.

Through a series of events you can imagine how things go, but I won’t tell you how they go – you have to read!  There are tornadoes.  There are elopements postponed, rescheduled and more tornadoes.

I have enjoyed each of the books in this series I have read and would love to keep going!  Not sure how long we will be hanging out in Montana, but the characters in these stories are amazing!!

I highly recommend this book by Susan May Warren, a great summer read that will inspire you!

Note : I was offered a copy of Storm Front in exchange for an honest review.

More about Storm Front :

A tornado has destroyed a small Minnesota community and among the missing are not only a group of students but PEAK Rescue team leader Chet King. Ty Remington will stop at nothing to rescue his mentor, not even when the girl he loved–and lost–walks back into his life. But Brette needs his help more than he knows, despite her stubborn determination to push him away. And when he gets a second chance, loving her just might cost him more than he can imagine.

A blogger for Vortex Storm Chasers, Brette Arnold didn’t expect her adventures to land her in the same place as Ty, the guy who she walked–no, ran–from over a year ago. She had her reasons–good ones. The kind that tell her that falling for him again would only lead to heartache. But Ty isn’t the kind of man to give up–not on the missing students, or on her.

Life and love hang in the balance in Susan May Warren’s breathless story of holding on to hope during a deadly summer of storms.

More about Susan May Warren is the USA Today, ECPA, and CBA bestselling author of over fifty novels with more than one million books sold, including Wild Montana Skies and Rescue Me. Winner of a RITA Award and multiple Christy and Carol Awards, as well as the HOLT and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic suspense, thrillers, romantic comedy, and novellas. She can be found online at, on Facebook at Susan May Warren Fiction, and on Twitter @susanmaywarren.

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