I’ve known the days were ticking away and that I would be getting on a plane in the months/weeks/days to come and trek to Africa, but it sure seems to have gotten here faster than I expected.

Whew.  Leaving two kids and a spouse behind to trek to a third world country is a bit crazy, but it is about to happen.  It seems surreal!

So often we hear that people are called to the mission field.  I have not been.

(did I really just say that?)


This morning our sermon was on being faithful and not always feeling like you need to stop and pray about it.  Not that praying is bad.  But sometimes we just need to obey.  Joseph was our lesson, he did not pray about what the angel told him time and again.  He just did it. He stayed with Mary.  He took her and Jesus away.  Then he brought them back.  He didn’t think about it.  He just obeyed.  He didn’t have to pray about it before obeying, because he walked with God and he KNEW what he was being asked to do was from Him.

The same pastor said that all Christians should have a passport.  All of us should be willing to go when called.


(pics are from 2017)

Back to me…  I say I was not called to the mission field.  Unless you consider this a calling: My 16 year old, after getting off the flight home from Malawi in 2017 said “You need to go with me next year.”  You see, I kept hearing that I was not called.  A voice in my head kept saying you are going, but you were not called.  These last few days though I have come to realize that I was called.  I was willing.  God used my son to call me to the mission field.

When your sixteen year old invites you to do something with them, you do.  Especially as you see the days flying by and you realize that the days are numbered and fleeting.  So I said yes.  And here we go.

God blew me away with regards to this trip so many times and we haven’t even left yet.  Through this entire process we raised all the money we needed to cover our expenses.  When I started to get anxious, He calmed my nerves.  Over and over again he has blessed this process in ways that can only be by Him.

So in a few days we will board a plane and fly for about 19 hours to a place I can only imagine in my mind.  We will be willing to be where God has called us.  We will be willing to do what He has for us.  We will be willing to be used by Him and for Him.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this adventure possible!!  Most of all, please pray that we will be smack dab in the center of his will every moment of our trip, and that my two sweet children at home will not worry or fret either!

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