DC Day #2

What a day we had.


When someone tells you to pace yourself in DC, take their advice, my boys wish I did!  Well, I sort of did take their advice, but we still pushed harder than these boys wanted to!


We decided to take the Metro into town, and leave the card behind.  Taking the Metro during rush hour was an adventure in itself!


We ended up at Union Station where we tried out our Explorer Go Cards (fantastic deal) and got tickets for the Red Line of the Big Bus Tours.


The Red Bus took us to the monuments and the museums we wanted to visit.


We enjoyed a quick stop at Jefferson, then stopped to see the WWII memorial.



IMG_9121Quite spectacular!!

Then we headed for the American History Museum on foot because traffic was so bad we could walk faster than the bus driving.  We enjoyed the air conditioning at the museum as well as the exhibits!

Next was a walk to grab some food at the Shake Shack.  The wait was a bit longer than I expected and you had to fight for a table – lucky for us there were three of us knocking people down (just kidding!).  Food was ok, shakes were good and filling.  Next time I will opt for a pizza place though – not my favorite burger place.IMG_9098

Next door to the Shake Shack is the Spy Museum which we all really enjoyed!


(My goofball son really did have a good time!)

Great stop and another use of our Explorer Go Card!!  We were pretty tired at this point and hopped back on a Red Bus.  The boys both crashed at this point for a power nap.


Quickly woken up when we arrived at the National Archives!  Yay!

During check in the guard KNEW there was a knife in on of our back packs.  Yep.  One of my boys thought he needed to pack his knife in his bag (just in case).  So no National Archives for us.  Moving on.



National Art Gallery was the next stop on my list, so we walked there.  It was a great museum and FREE.  But all this walking was wearing us out.  Plus we were still dragging from our 3am wake up and flight the previous day.  So we got back on the bus, and I told the boys they could sleep, but I wanted to do the circuit on the bus again.  Satisfied, we did that.  About 3/4 of the way around we found a Mediterranean place to eat Yafa Grill – and it was fabulous, and right by the Metro.  Back on the metro to Metro City to catch the right metro line, going the right way.  All these details!


We made out way back to the car and about to leave the parking garage when we cannot find out ticket ANYWHERE.  Even got out and scoured the car, backpack, and purse!  Finally decide to figure out what to do about a lost ticket and we proceeded.  Silly us, no ticket – everyone just pays to leave.  Lovely!

Whew.  What a day – but what a great day!  So much fun, so many sites!  And sleeping tonight will be a no brainer!

Stay Tuned….more fun to come!!

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