DC Day 4 (Monday)

I think we are completely worn out.  All three of us are nursing our tired feet as we pack and get ready to head to Malawi tomorrow.

Today was a great day though!


We started out on the Metro again, heading into DC.  Next we walked to see the Lincoln Monument (because we saved that for our night tour, that we skipped).  Lincoln was pretty amazing, the reflecting pool was great and the walk was chilly!  At 52 degrees this morning we were trying to stay warm by walking!



After Lincoln, we walked to the Holocaust Museum.  Another long stroll, but it was fun.  We were able to walk by the Korean Memorial too – and that one was new to me.  Very impressive!


The Holocaust museum was absolutely amazing as well.  I was so impressed that very few people spoke through the whole museum.  Everyone seemed to value the importance of remembering.

After living in Berlin during the Cold War and traveling back and forth between East & West Berlin, as well as visiting numerous museums that told the stories, the holocaust holds a special place in my heart.  The museum is one that all of us should visit – we all need to remember so that we do not ever repeat that past.

After that museum, we walked some more to grab lunch then head to the Capitol for our tour.  The tour was amazing – the Capitol is so very impressive!  It was my first time here too and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it all!

Once we were done with that we headed “home” to pack and prepare for our trip.  All that said, we did DC, had a great time and ate more delicious food than we needed to!!  So many great places to eat around here!!

Tomorrow we head to Malawi – thank you for keeping us in your prayers!!

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