Africa Travels


Flying to Africa was not nearly as daunting as I expected.  The flight from DC to Ethiopia went faster than I thought it would.  Jacob told me last year he had a number of movies to choose from to watch and there were.  Watching movies helps make the time pass faster!

They feed you a lot too, so that helps.  The interesting thing is that as soon as you get on the plane they start treating you like you are in the time zone of Ethiopia.  By this I mean, they serve you supper then turn the lights off, then they turn them back on about 8 hours later and serve breakfast.  They are intentionally helping you reverse your clock.  Unfortunately for me I was not able to sleep much.  But the flight was not bad.

We landed in Ethiopia and then had to catch our flight to Lilongwe.  The Ethiopian airport was full of all sorts of people from all walks to life.  There are about 10% of the chairs that there should be, so be prepared to stand while you wait here.  We tried to exercise our legs a bit and walk around a little, but the layover was not too long so it went quickly.

Finally we arrived in Lilongwe and had to go through the Visa process – which was the worst part of the trip.  We stood in a line that hardly moved for about 90minutes waiting to get a visa to come in the country.

Once that was over, we found all of our bags (which I was pleasantly surprised about) and headed out to find Chifundo.  We loaded up and started the drive to the house.

Lucy and Chifundo have a house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It is inside a walled courtyard.  It is a nice house and fit all of us very comfortably.  We unpacked the car and got settled in before venturing out for groceries.

All this to say, the trip over here was good and we arrived safe and sound!

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