Malawi Day 1 (Thursday)

A good smile from Peter
The village Chief enjoying a ridge spinner
Teaching the people how to stretch a few ingredients to make a cheaper laundry soap
Giving a message from God’s word
Lots of children!
Our crew – Japhet and Joseph and Crighton
A traditional bee hive – belongs to the chief
Top bar bee hive – belongs to the chief
suited up to check out a bee hive (this is Jacob)

(photos to follow when we have internet)

We woke up pretty early, about 6:30 so we could get ready for the day and have time for morning devotions.  Once we were all dressed and ready to head out to a village, we met in the living rooms and had a sweet time of prayer and devotion.

Then we were off.  We headed out about an hour away to a village that the team had visited last year.  We were greeted on the road by a number of ladies and children singing for us!  They followed the van all the way in with their praise songs!

 While at this village we did a soap making demonstration again for them, to refresh their memory and see if anyone had made it from the demo last year.   There were two ladies who learned how to make it last year and they had made it and reported that it worked!  So that was good.  I think they enjoyed it and were more inspired to try it.

This soap making involves taking 2 bars of soap that they get here, a box of this gel like stuff (called Boom) and baking soda and making laundry soap.  The ingredients here cost about 70 cents and it makes two big buckets when it is all done.  What they use for laundry is expensive and hard on their skin, so they are happy to learn about this soap.

After that the boys talked a bit about bees and how to catch swarms.  Then we trekked out to see the Chief of the Village’s bees.  He has 4 hives.  We were thrilled to give him a bee suit that we brought as well!!  In exchange he gave us bananas!

After that we started the journey home, with a stop to get groceries for supper.  Long day and we were happy to climb into bed for the night!

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