Malawi Day 2 (Friday)

This young man was so interested in soap making and bees! God is moving in him, I won’t be surprised to hear he becomes a beekeeper!
The boys teaching a basic bee class, and how bees can be a business.
adorable faces from our second village
Gabriel, the pastor in this village, and a church member, listening to the program.
Our mission leader, Elizabeth.

We woke up early again but not so early since it was a late night.  Got ready, had devotion time and headed out to another village.  This was a new village and they were waiting for us when we arrived.

It was very encouraging to see a number of young men about 22-29 years old.  They were involved with the “Youth Ministry” which is less formal that in the US.  It is a group of young adults who commit to make god choices and avoid things like drugs and alcohol, and they encourage each other.  These men who were at this village were not from this village, but they were going to take back what we taught them to their home village.  They asked lots of questions and were very interactive.  They might have been some of my favorites – they were very funny and curious about us.  They spoke very good English too, so it was fun to visit with them.

We did the soap demonstration again.  There were tons of questions, even one young man said he was going to make this and package it in small bags and sell it!  They are definitely trying to find a way to support themselves!

Then we did a Beekeeping 101 talk, and they LOVED it.  I think we could have talked about bees with them for hours, but we had to cut it off at some point.  I encouraged them to pray about it and see if the Lord was calling them to really learn about beekeeping and research it if He was calling them to that.  We hope to go back to this village next year and maybe get them into keeping bees.

I had my first experience with a bathroom here, I used the one at the school, and in the future will only use ones near the family house.  The school one was pretty terrible.  They have a concrete slab with a hole in the ground.  You have to bring your own kleenex/paper and stand over the hole.  But think  public restroom meets porta-potty meets lots of children used this.  Whew.  It was rough, but I made it and from them on I figured out when to ask for a bathroom and when to wait! 

Then we divided up, Lucy talked to the ladies, while Jacob and Peter played with the children and Elizabeth and Chifundo talked with the leaders.  They answered questions that the leaders had about church processes and such.  It was very good.

As it started to get later, we began the process of setting up the equipment for the Jesus Film.  Chifundo has a time of worship and praise time and then starts the film.  Last year part of the introduction was some music videos in Chichewa.  The man, Japhet,  who was in two of the videos was with us this time, so he sang along with the videos as they played.  It was truly amazing to watch them all praise the Lord!  To see so many men involved in evangelizing was also awesome!  Knowing that they do this every day of the year, not just when we are here, is encouraging to my heart!  

Once the movie was almost over, Chifudo paused it and let Jacob give the invitation.  Then Chifundo prayed with the group and finished the movie.  Then off we went for home.

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