Cousin Fun

One of my favorite things about being in Maine with Robert’s brother Brian’s family is seeing these cousins playing together.


Each of these kids explore this place in their own way, sometimes alone and sometimes with a buddy.  There is so much to do from low-tide exploring, to kayaking or boating in the canoe.  There is no shortage of fun to be found on these glorious 16 acres!


Exploring the coast always reveals treasures – each year the kids try to recover lost bouys to add to the collection.  This boy finds more every year!IMG_2167IMG_2262

The hammock by the water is a favorite swinging spot for just about everyone!  Wrapping up and screeching while someone pushes you, is the norm!IMG_2266IMG_2271

Jacob played with his new rod & reel as well as changing out lures for some coastal fishing fun!IMG_2349

Bubbles are a fun pastime when the adults are sitting around chatting.IMG_0767 2

When explorations are done, its time to pull out Axis & Allies for a full out battle!

IMG_0769Being in Maine is truly an adventure whether bonding with family or exploring!  So thankful for this place and Betsy & Leslie who very generously share it with us!

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