Book Review : Young Whit

Did you curl up next to the radio about 7:30 listening to Adventures in Odyssey when you were a kid?  Did your kids?

amazon whit

Well, I didn’t but my children certainly did!!  We loved and still love John Avery Whittaker and the whole cast in Adventures in Odyssey.  My boys would wake up on Saturdays to listen on an obscure radio channel they found through trial and error!  We bought cassettes, then CDs with the stories so we could listen, at will, in the car while traveling the US.

Young Whit is a love, by Phil Lollar and David Arnold, and this book goes back to the main character John Avery Whittaker and introduces us to the boy.  It is his history.  It gives us insight into the back story of the lovable man who helps point everyone to Jesus and loves them unconditionally.  His patient demeanor and his big heart win everyone over!

Meeting John as a boy, when he first moves to Provenance, North Carolina, is a charming experience.  Walking through his adolescence, 6th grade year, and seeing how he meets new friends, makes a few “enemies” and figures out his way helps the reader see a little of themselves and their friends in him.  If you have never moved, and therefore never been the new kid you see this experience through John’s eyes.  If you have been, you can totally relate to his story!

I really loved this story.  I read it to Anna the past few weeks and we both wanted to keep going to get to the next part!  It was well written and a great story for all of our kids to get Whit’s backs story!

I HIGHLY recommend this book, since I would recommend ANYTHING Adventures in Odyssey.  These books help connect with kids going through the tough years of life and help them figure out just who they are, and whose!

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of Young Whit in exchange for an honest review.



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