Book Review : Little Girl Crying

Belinda Rose is a woman who has been to hell and back through her Anorexia nervosa.  When I say that she has been to hell and back the first part is allegorical, she experienced the worst kinds of emotional trauma a young girl and woman can experience.  The second part, that she came back is truth.  Through her faith in God, through prayers cried out from the depths of despair, Ms. Rose made her way back to life, as normal as we can expect.

little gril

little gril

Anorexia is something just about everyone understands, on some level, today.  We have seen movies or heard about it in the news enough to know it is a disorder, mental and physical.  But when Ms. Rose was a girl, this was not something widely understood or recognized.

Little Girl Crying is a detailed account of her story.  She goes into a great deal of detail to make the reader see her struggle almost first hand.  She takes the reader on a journey where she found herself again, and knew who she was in God’s eyes.  

This would be a good book to read to understand the thought process behind someone who is struggling with self image issues or even as far as anorexia.

NOTE : I received a complimentary copy of Little Girl Crying in exchange for an honest review.

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