Book Review : A Secret to Die For

Once again, Lisa Harris has knocked it out of the park with A Secret to Die For!

a secret

Grace is a psychologist, and when one of her patients is suspiciously found dead, her peace and comfort start to unravel!

A Secret to Die For from S & L Harris on Vimeo.


As a variety of scares happens o her, she begins to think they are all related to her deceased client who thought he was being watched and followed.  Along comes Nate Quinn, a local police detective that Grace went to college with, as he investigates these crimes and crazy events, he and Grace begin to depend on one another and rebuild their friendship.

This is a super fast pasted thriller with two amazing characters who are dealing with a litany of issues from their past.  Both Grace and Nate area healing from loss, but not quite sure who to fully put their past behind them.

Lisa Harris is a great writer who digs deep into her characters and her plots, and you feel like one of the characters in her stories as you go along on the adventures!

NOTE : I received a copy of A Secret to Die For, in exchange for an honest review.

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