Book Review : Hope Your Heart Needs

Sitting in a comfy chair with a warm cup of tea or coffee are my ideal morning times.  They rarely exist in my reality though.  Instead its out of bed by 5:30, showered & dressed by 5:45, turning on lights in the living room and kitchen and meeting the kids at the table by 6:00 for morning devotion time.  Regardless of how my reality lines up with my ideal, the book Hope Your Heart Needs is a perfect devotion book to snuggle up with in the morning to read with your cup of hot _______(fill in the blank).


I have adored this sweet devotion book, and since my reality is a bit crazy, many nights I read a devotion before bed, allowing me to contemplate Holley’s words as I fell asleep.

Holley Gerth always writes truth.  This is my favorite thing about her, she does not say what you want to hear, or what she wants to say, she shares God’s word straight to you.  I love this book of encouraging devotions that are exactly what she says they are : reminders of how God cares for us.

As Christmas shopping season is almost here, depending on who you are, this book would make a great Christmas gift for a reader, or a Jesus lover!  It is a book full of truths, its adorable and it will inspire its reader and remind them of who they are!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Hope Your Heart Needs in exchange for an honest review from Revell Publishers.

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