Review : (in)courage Devotional Bible


There is something about pretty things.  I enjoy them maybe a little more than just something plain.  Pretty is fun!

This Bible : (in) Courage is an organization that knows something about truth and pretty!  Just about everything they put out from greeting cards, to devotions, to graphics – its all pretty!

9781535924955.front05 (1)

First, I love the linen feel to the cover.  It is in the photo below, a nice teal green.

9781535924955.front01 (1)

The colors throughout coordinate with that teal, as well as some peaches, roses and yellows – the colors are very pleasing and calming!


This is a devotion Bible, with 52 devotions throughout the pages.  There are themes to the devotions and those are : brokenness, togetherness, grace, leadership, friendship, hope, hospitality, gratitude, second chances, and brave.

I love that there is space at the bottom of the pages to write notes, I am a note writer in my Bible!  I would love that space to fill up with ideas and points from studies and sermons!!

It really is a beautiful Bible and I look forward to using it in my quiet time!

NOTE : I received a copy of the (in)courage Devotional Bible at no cost, in exchange for my honest thoughts!


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