Review : Custom Art

Artsy Olive is a new company that wants to help you give the perfect gift to your loved ones!

Their ordering process is amazingly easy!  My design arrived super fast!  

But, I wanted to tell you my favorite part!  You can order extra designs to keep in the same frame and rotate them!  I had no idea until my design arrived and there was a note in the box!  When trying to decide what I wanted and who it was going to be for, I thought about the Christmas ones but then thought about what I would do with it during the rest of the year!  Solution, get a different design for the rest of the year!  Yay!

I really think these are well made, they are gorgeous and seem like quality work!  I look forward to ordering something else from them in the future!  Maybe a Christmas design for Anna to rotate around for the holidays!!

But wait –  I have great news!  A deal for you!! Coupon code : blog15 will get you a 15% off on your order!  Good through December 31st, unlimited times!  So go check it out!!

NOTE : I received a complimentary product so that I could write an honest review about the ordering process as well as the quality of their products.  I highly recommend them!!

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