Book Review : Who I am with You

Sometimes books jump right in to a story. Other times they warm up slow and steady. I like both options.

Who I Am With You, by Robin Lee Hatcher, is the latter. The story builds slowly and sweetly with the two main characters, Jessica and Ridley. Both have trouble, hurt and betrayal in their past. As they work through healing they meet each other and open up to one another.

What I loved about this story is the genuine hurt they both face and how they overcome it. So often we are hurt by someone and we can choose one of two paths :guilt and blame for our selves or blame for the other person. I think there is a middle ground that so many of us rarely take where we assume responsibility for our own role and forgive the other for their role. This is what is played out in Ms. Hatcher’s book.

In this story, Jessica has walked away from the Lord despite her past relationship with him. Ridley however remains close to the Lord through his pain. However as the two become friends, they both help each other heal from their past. I loved watching how both of them inspire the other to surrender their pain.

This was a super sweet story, and while it is a romance, it is not a “romance” I honestly think my son would enjoy this story as the main male character was a strong character and likable and easy to relate to.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Ms. Hatcher in the future!!

Read more about this story HERE

NOTE : I received a copy of Who I am With You in exchange for an honest review.

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