Book Review : The Sky Above Us

Every so often I try to step out of my comfort zone and branch out a bit, if you will. The Sky Above us was not normally a book I would snap up tp review, but I decided that the historical part was worth the extra romance. I am so glad I did grab this book!!

Sarah Sundin did a glorious job researching every little detail for The Sky Above Us, her book about World War II. In this darling story Violet, a young woman determined to become a missionary overseas, signs up to be a Red Cross worker. After arriving in England and being given the task to serve the men of a fighter group at their air base, she finds her self frustrated that she in not serving women and children in need. She, cleverly, is able to work those ministries in to her work, but despite her frustration she quickly realizes that what she is doing is real.

Meanwhile, Adler Paxton has been running from his demons for 3 years now and is not about to slow down or tell anyone about anything. That is until he meets Violet and she manages to get a few insignificant details from him. The cracks appear on the hard wall he has built around his heart, but those he loves, start helping him tear those walls down, and ultimately find a God who can heal our hurts.

I honestly loved every part of this book. The real life wrestles that the characters were dealing with were as authentic as you can get. Violet begins to question her call to ministry, was it God calling her or her wanting it? Adler comes face to face with understanding forgiveness and love in a tender way.

The Sky Above Us is book #2 in the Sunrise at Normandy series and I am on the hunt for book #1 now! I really loved Ms. Sundin’s writing, her characters and every little detail that she weaves in her stories. I will be following her from now on!

NOTE: I received a copy of The Sky Above Us in exchange for an honest review from Revell Publishers.

More about the Sky Above Us :

Secrets as vast . . .

Love as unreachable . . .

As the sky above them.

Numbed by grief and harboring shameful secrets, Lt. Adler Paxton ships to England with the US 357th Fighter Group in late 1943. Determined to become an ace pilot, Adler battles the German Luftwaffe in treacherous dogfights over France as the Allies struggle for control of the air before the D-day invasion.

Violet Lindstrom wants to be a missionary, but for now she serves in the American Red Cross, where she arranges entertainment and refreshments for the men of the 357th in the base Aeroclub and sets up programs for local children. Drawn to the mysterious Adler, she enlists his help with her work and urges him to reconnect with his family after a long estrangement.

Despite himself, Adler finds his defenses crumbling when it comes to Violet. But D-day draws near. And secrets can’t stay buried forever.

Return to the shores of Normandy, this time in the air, as the second Paxton brother faces the past—and the most fearsome battle of his life.

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