2019 HCLS

Since we moved to Malakoff in 2010, our family has been very involved with the Henderson County Livestock show. We have shown broiler chickens, meat rabbits, a heifer, market & breeding goats, breeding rabbits, and several small projects the kids have made.

Through the years we have learned so much, had some successes and lots of disappointments. No matter what the year holds as far as animals we are showing, I know my kids have learned more life lessons through their animals projects than just about anything else. Watching them pour their hearts and all their efforts into raising a healthy animals has been a joy. They love their animals (usually). Anyway, even though this was all new to us in 2010, we have really jumped in with both feet and thoroughly enjoyed all of it!!

This year Eli showed a market goat. Unfortunately he did not make sale with it – mostly because Anna’s market goat died about 3 weeks ago. The two were big buddies – and when Custer died, Everett stopped eating. Needless to say he was not the goat he should have been at the show. So he came home with us, and will be grazing and eating to get a little bigger. Then we will have a 4h party at our place and serve smoked cabrito!

Anna showed a pen of meat rabbits, she did not do real well, so we brought them home too and hope to breed them soon, and maybe we will start eating some rabbit? She also showed breeding rabbits, well sort of. Her sr buck lost a toe right before the show, so we borrowed a rabbit from our breeder, for the show and she won 1st place! Yay! However, she was one of the 130 mini rex rabbits – so we are going to find another breed to start raising! Maybe Polish? They are another small breed in several cool colors.

Lastly this year, Anna submitted several projects in the project show : a painting, an embroidered tea towel, a batch of fudge, and a succulent arrangement. She earned 3 best of division ribbons and sold two of her projects for a total of $200! Eli showed his hand carved chickens and a model airplane and received 2 blue ribbons. Overall it was a fun week, but exhausting!!

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