Book Review : A Shift a Day for your Best Year Yet

Quotes inspire us, encourage us and make us laugh! I love incorporating quotes into my life as much as possible!

The book by Dean Del Sesto is a great little book full of quotes that will do all of the above! There are 365 quotes in A Shift A Day for Your Best Year Yet.

I have kept this book on our kitchen table and I read a few of them outlaid every time I see it, sometimes a couple times a day. Some are perfect for what we are dealing with in our home, others are great for nuggets of truth to file away for the future. Many have led to discussions beyond the book!

This might make a great graduation gift! Bits of wisdom for them to apply as they transition to the next season.

NOTE : I received a copy of A Shift a Day in exchange for an honest review.


Make your next step the right step

Change is always an opportunity, and small shifts in our thought patterns can change everything for us. With these 365 original quotes, you’ll find yourself well on your way down the path to greater success in work, relationships, and life. Short, memorable, and to-the-point, each thought-provoking page is designed to interrupt thinking that doesn’t work and replace it with thinking that does.

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