Review : Chonda Pierce

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If you love to get away with the girls, be inspired by TRUTH and laugh out loud I have great news for you!!

Chonda Movie is going to be in select theaters on May 7th and 9th – perfect for Mother’s Day gatherings for ladies of all ages!

Chonda is real, open, honest and raw in this movie/comedy show.

The movie is a documentary style where Chonda talks about her life after becoming a widow, being a woman, and she shares her humor through it all. In between bits of her comedy show, Chonda interviews a variety of people who are unashamed about their faith and are in the public spotlight.

I loved the movie, I thought it was so funny, but yes deep and insightful. I have always been a fan of Chonda’s so hearing how she navigated some struggles in her life inspired me and remember that I can lean on the same God she did when times were tough!

This is a great movie for a girls night that is a little bit meatier than a RomCom – something you will be talking about for days and weeks to come!!

Make sure you register to win an 8 disc collection

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