Book Review : On a Summer Tide

Suzanne Woods Fisher has launched a new series and it takes place in one of my favorite places on Earth!! Maine!

On a Summer Tide is the first in the Three Sisters Island series, and it is about a family who buys an island in Maine that is in great need to some TLC. The Grayson family is made up of Paul, the father of three daughters Cam, Blaine and Maddie. Paul’s wife, the girls mother, died a few years ago in an accident.

Despite taking place in Maine I was not sure I was going to love this story. The characters were not ones I immediately connected with. However, and a BIG however, I really have loved the story! They each were so disconnected in the beginning, and being such a sucker for close families, I was not sure how I would enjoy their story, but I did!

There are some great secondary characters that bring a lot of charm to the story as well! The family really comes together and helps Paul breathe some new life into this charming but dilapidated island as well as the camp where he and his wife met.

The story is fast paced and has so many great elements to it! I am not anxious to read the next book in this great series! If you have ever wanted to take a virtual (or real) vacation to Maine, this story will give you the feel of being there!!

NOTE: I received a copy of On a Summer Tide in exchange for an honest review.

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