Book Review : Powerful Prayers for your Daughter

Prayer is such an important part of our relationship with the Lord, and also as a parent! While I feel like prayer is pretty straightforward and not something that requires a book, I really loved this book!

Powerful Prayers for your Daughter is a great book, filled with 88 different prayers and even categorized. As a mother of a daughter there are certain issues I know she is dealing with that I can look up and specifically pray for her about. The table of contents makes it easy to target your prayers on specific issues, or it could simply be a devotion style book, that you read through a prayer each day for your daughter, or even for her.

Hearing someone petition the Lord on your behalf is powerful, and when our daughters know we are praying intentionally for them, it is a true blessing!

A few themes include her identity, her purity, her relationship with hew dad, protection, idols, and her relationship with God.

I really enjoyed going through this sweet book! It would make a wonderful new baby-girl gift, or a birthday gift for a mom!

NOTE : I received a copy of Powerful Prayers for your Daughter, in exchange for an honest review.

More About the Book:

From the moment your little girl was born, you knew you were going to be doing a lot of praying. So you may wonder, What exactly should I be praying for?

Collecting specific prayers you can use, along with stories from other parents about how God has answered their prayers, Rob and Joanna Teigen give you a strong foundation to build a lifelong habit of praying for your daughter. They also help you understand what girls go through growing up, including stress, purity issues, social pressure, modesty challenges, spiritual growth, and more. 

Remember: you may not always understand your daughter, but God does! Start asking him for guidance, protection, and blessings today.

“Rob and Joanna Teigen’s prayers in this book will help you see your daughter in a new way and do the most powerful thing: love her through your prayers.”–Chris Fabry, author; host of Chris Fabry Live

“Rob and Joanna Teigen have covered virtually every area that a daughter needs prayer coverage in. Then they’ve given parents the perfect words to use.”–Rick Johnson, bestselling author of That’s My SonThat’s My Girl, and Better Dads, Stronger Sons

“Is there any sweeter legacy that a parent can leave for their little girl than the knowledge that her parents prayed for every area of her life? Rob and Joanna Teigen give parents the tools they need to make that hope a reality.”–Kathi Lipp, bestselling author of The Husband Project and Clutter Free

Rob Teigen was a publishing professional for more than twenty years and is the author of the bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids series (under the pseudonym Rob Elliott). He and his wife, Joanna Teigen, have celebrated twenty-five years of marriage and have five kids who bring adventure to their lives in West Michigan. Together they create resources to encourage couples and families, including 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates. Learn more at

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