Book Review : it’s a Love Story

Lincee Ray’s new book it’s a Love Story is a wonderfully encouraging book with devotion style stories that will remind you of God’s love. Each chapter is a little bit of real life, mixed up with tender emotions and memories and through it all you see God’s goodness.

Lincee is a talented author who writes from her heart. Her stories are honest and good and they will help you to see the good all around you and maybe not take it for granted. Lincee writes in a way that you quickly get drawn into her stories and feel like you are a part of the fun!

Lincee focuses on our desire to be loved and through her book she writes about ways she has felt loved by those around her and in specific seasons of her life. So often life just moves so fast past us, that we fail to notice the people around us who are loving us day in and day out.

it’s a Love Story is a great book to help the reader slow down and savor the love in their life. Love can come from a variety of different, unexpected places and can be missed if you don’t look for it!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of it’s a Love Story in exchange for an honest review.

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