Book Review : Covenant Kids Book 1

Finding good books that will draw in the interest of your children is always a challenge. As a mom, and a homeschooling one at that, having a house full of books that my kids will dive in to was always a priority!

Andrew Youngblood is starting a series of graphic novels that take two stories and weave them together. First he takes truths from the Bible, this book focuses on the Law, and he weaves in a modern day story showing the application of the Law.

The images were very well done, and the story is one that your children will want to read! In fact, one day walking through the house I saw that Anna had the book open and was reading through the whole thing. One small detail that impressed me was the font they chose to use. It is an easy font to read, so someone like my daughter who has dyslexia found it easier to read than some books.

She enjoyed the book and I know she enjoyed the graphic images too!

I think this is a great tool to read with your younger school age kids or even have it for them to read on their own. However, reading with them will give great opportunities to discuss the content covered in the book as well as enjoy it together.

NOTE: I was offered a copy of Covenant Kids in exchange for my honest opinion. I hope to be able to check out future books from Andrew Youngblood!!

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