Book Review : Vanishing Point

Lisa Harris has delivered a thriller in Vanishing Point.  This book complements the Nikki Boyd series in that we get to go back to the loss of Nikki’s sister and see what led her to the career change from teacher to the Tennessee Missing Persons Task Force.  (See reviews of Vendetta and  Missing from the Nikki Boyd Files)

Vanishing Point resize.indd

Vanishing Point starts out in 2004 when someone is killing young women in a serial killer style.  The book takes the reader through 2006 and into “present day” trying to solve the previous murders and stop the spree before another young woman goes missing.

Vanishing Point is very fast paced, and while the story takes you to the edge, there are few details regarding the murder, keeping the story mostly mild.

The main character in the story is Jordan Lambert who comes back to Tennessee from her job in the FBI to work with the local authorities.  Jordan is from Tennessee and immediately is back in touch with her former finance, a fellow police officer, Garrett.  Garrett and Jordan reestablish their friendship and realize they still have feelings for one another.

I enjoyed how Lisa allowed the reader to follow along with this re-budding romance as well as chasing the killer.  I always enjoy Lisa’s novels and this time I really appreciated how she went back to explain the backstory to Nikki Boyd.

NOTE: I received a copy of Vanishing Point in exchange for any honest review.


Book Review : Live SoulFULL

Scott and Ginger Tabot have partnered together to write a great devotion book and music CD : SoulFULL.


Scott did the research and wrote a devotion that will draw you deeper in your relationship and walk with the Lord.  Ginger’s musical accompanyment was a delight to listen to.  I loved spending time reading about different subjects (how we know God is real, what a difference Jesus has made in my life, does prayer matter) and then listen to a song that addresses this same subject through music.

I utilize this book during my quiet time the past few weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Each chapter can be broken into parts covered each day of the week.  There are stops throughout the reading where you can answer questions that are designed to draw you deeper into you prayer life and your walk with the Lord.

This book is very interactive (if a book can be) and intended to help you dig into what truths you believe and really know why you believe them.

I highly recommend this book – I loved how the chapters tied directly to the CD.  This book was a joy to include in my quiet time each morning!

Check out the website HERE – to download a copy of the first chapter for free!

NOTE : I received. copy of the book and CD in exchange for my original thoughts!

More about the Talbotsginger-scott

Scott Tabot is a Bible teacher who is passionate about seeing people transformed by the love and magnificence of God. He has brought his conversational teaching style to chapel services, Bible classes, college groups, and missions work for over 15 years. Scott holds an MA in
Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Ginger Tabot is a singer/songwriter and worship leader who writes and records music for local ministries and churches. Her genuine love for Jesus encourages people to encounter God in spirit and truth. Scott and Ginger have been married for 18 years and live in Chandler, Arizona with their three children.


Book Review : Murder in Disguise

I found a new author and I really like him!!  Donn Taylor served in the Army during the Korean War, Vietnam a d did some recon work in Europe and Asia.  Why is that important?  Well, his main character seems a lot like this real life man.

murder disguise

Preseton Barclay is the main character in Murder in Disguise and it is the second in the series.  I did not read the first novel, but had no problem jumping right in.  In fact, I hope to get my hands on the first novel so I can read it, since I liked this one so much!

Preston has a history of finding himself in the middle of a murder, and at times is considered a suspect.  This time, Preston returns as a visiting professor to a college where his long time friend, Jordan Collins, was the chairman of a department.  Before arriving his friend committed suicide, or at least that is what they thought.  Preston very quickly finds himself in the middle of lots of questionable activity while trying to figure out why his dear friend would take his life.

There were a number of twists and turns.  Throughout the story the reader is not sure who is a friend and who is a foe.

I really liked characters, especially Preston.  He is a man that constantly has music playing in his head.  The songs change based on the people he is around and the situation he is in.  His widow was a musician and he continues to hear her playing music.  He is romantically involved with a woman named Mara who was in the first book, and helped him solve two previous murders.  Mara is a headstrong woman very capable of taking care of herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I know I will be following along with Donn Taylor – his style of writing is easy going and deep at the same time.  I am also happy to report that this would be a great book for young adults as well – it is clean and fast paced!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Murder in Disguise at no cost.

About Mr. Tayor

Donn Taylor led an Infantry rifle platoon in the Korean War, served with Army aviation in Vietnam, and worked with air reconnaissance in Europe and Asia. Afterward, he completed a PhD degree at The University of Texas and taught English literature at two liberal arts colleges.

He lives near Houston, Texas, where he writes fiction, poetry, and articles on current topics.

More about the book:

Official verdict: Suicide. But why would that vigorous department chairman kill himself? To avoid disgrace? Those rumored ventures on the dark side? Some other secret life? Visiting professor Preston Barclay wonders. But his questions bring no answers, only anonymous threats. He has enough problems already, proving himself on a strange campus while radical faculty do all they can to undermine him. Worse yet, that sexy siren assigned as his assistant complicates his courtship of the beautiful Mara Thorn.

While Press keeps asking questions, Mara’s research reveals a cancer of criminal activity that permeates the community and even the campus itself. The more Press questions, the more dangerous the threats against him become, and the more determined he grows to clear his friend’s name.

But can Press and Mara’s stumbling efforts prevail against the entrenched forces of the police, the campus radicals, and an unseen but powerful criminal organization that increasingly puts their lives in danger…?

General Content (G): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language.


Book Review : Lady Jayne Disappears

This book, this book is my favorite read of 2017!  At least as far as I can remember!!  Joanna Davidson Politano knocked it out of the park with her debut novel!!

lady jayne

I loved this book so much I just want to share it with everyone!!  Lady Jayne Disappears takes place in the mid-1800’s.  I loved the setting, just the perfect amount of detail to make me feel like I was in the “room” and at the same time not boring me with too many details.  (Yes, this matters!)

The character development was my favorite.  It was like watching a PBC series, having character after character coming to life in front of me!  Normally you see the main character and a supporting character or two. Not in this book, I fell in love with about 4 characters!!  So much charm and depth!

The main character Aurelie goes to live with her aunt after her father dies.  What is unusual is that Aurelie has grown up her entire life in debtor’s prison.  She is an amazing young woman with tremendous talents and a giant heart.  You cannot help but love her!

This book was so hard to put down, I wanted to stay engaged to the last page, and then I found myself the next few days pondering my “new friends” and wondering what they were up to now.  (Yes, I might be a bit odd)

I do not want to get into too many details about the plot, because there are so many twists and turns from the start, that I do not want to spoil anything!  But this is an amazing novel with such a lovely cast of characters!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Lady Jayne Disappears at no cost.

When Aurelie Harcourt’s father dies suddenly, he leaves her just two things: his famous pen name, Nathaniel Droll, and his wealthy family–who want very little to do with her.

As Aurelie struggles to find a home with her father’s family and learn the rules of society, she relishes in his parting gift–the beginning of his last story. The story she always wanted to hear, about her mother’s mysterious disappearance from the home where she now lives. To complete the novel, she’ll have to extract clues from relatives–and one enigmatic houseguest–who often seem reluctant to give them up.

About Joanna Davidson Poltano

joanna0016I’m a work-from-home mom of one super cute baby girl (pictures to prove it) and I write novels. I married my hero Vince, who is my love and my polar opposite. I write, he tears it up with the red pen. I break cars and other mechanical things, he puts them back together. He’s nailed the “speak the truth” thing, and I bring the “in love” part. But the real spark to our marriage is that he does not like chocolate and I…  like it a normal amount. We love and live from our little house in the woods near Lake Michigan, which is undergoing a constant renovation.

Book Review : Deadly Proof

I’ve been introduced to a new author : Rachel Dylan, through her book Deadly Proof.  One of my favorite genres is legal thriller.  Deadly Proof was a blend of legal thriller and romance.

deadly proof

The book is very fast paced with likable characters!  Kate Sullivan is the main character who is leading a suit against a pharmaceutical company.  One of her close friends is working for the defense as lead council causing both of them to tread lightly with this case and each other.  Their friendship is challenged as integrity is questioned through this case.

Kate learned early on that there is more to this case than one can see on the surface.  She hires a Private Investigator to get some questions, and he quickly assumes the role of investigator and security detail.

There are a number of twists and turns, a murder here, a disappearance there.  The pace is fast and keeps the reader engaged to the last page.  Deadly Proof looks to be #1 in the Atlantic Justice Series, and I am looking forward to the next book!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Deadly Proof at no cost.

About Rachel Rachel-Dylan

Rachel Dylan writes Christian fiction including legal romantic suspense. Rachel has practiced law for over a decade and enjoys weaving together legal and suspenseful stories. She lives in Michigan with her husband and five furkids–two dogs and three cats. She is a member of ACFW and RWA. Rachel loves to connect with readers. She is represented by Sarah Younger at Nancy Yost Literary Agency.  You can find Rachel at