Book Review : Hope Your Heart Needs

Sitting in a comfy chair with a warm cup of tea or coffee are my ideal morning times.  They rarely exist in my reality though.  Instead its out of bed by 5:30, showered & dressed by 5:45, turning on lights in the living room and kitchen and meeting the kids at the table by 6:00 for morning devotion time.  Regardless of how my reality lines up with my ideal, the book Hope Your Heart Needs is a perfect devotion book to snuggle up with in the morning to read with your cup of hot _______(fill in the blank).


I have adored this sweet devotion book, and since my reality is a bit crazy, many nights I read a devotion before bed, allowing me to contemplate Holley’s words as I fell asleep.

Holley Gerth always writes truth.  This is my favorite thing about her, she does not say what you want to hear, or what she wants to say, she shares God’s word straight to you.  I love this book of encouraging devotions that are exactly what she says they are : reminders of how God cares for us.

As Christmas shopping season is almost here, depending on who you are, this book would make a great Christmas gift for a reader, or a Jesus lover!  It is a book full of truths, its adorable and it will inspire its reader and remind them of who they are!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Hope Your Heart Needs in exchange for an honest review from Revell Publishers.


Book Review : A Secret to Die For

Once again, Lisa Harris has knocked it out of the park with A Secret to Die For!

a secret

Grace is a psychologist, and when one of her patients is suspiciously found dead, her peace and comfort start to unravel!

A Secret to Die For from S & L Harris on Vimeo.


As a variety of scares happens o her, she begins to think they are all related to her deceased client who thought he was being watched and followed.  Along comes Nate Quinn, a local police detective that Grace went to college with, as he investigates these crimes and crazy events, he and Grace begin to depend on one another and rebuild their friendship.

This is a super fast pasted thriller with two amazing characters who are dealing with a litany of issues from their past.  Both Grace and Nate area healing from loss, but not quite sure who to fully put their past behind them.

Lisa Harris is a great writer who digs deep into her characters and her plots, and you feel like one of the characters in her stories as you go along on the adventures!

NOTE : I received a copy of A Secret to Die For, in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review : Little Girl Crying

Belinda Rose is a woman who has been to hell and back through her Anorexia nervosa.  When I say that she has been to hell and back the first part is allegorical, she experienced the worst kinds of emotional trauma a young girl and woman can experience.  The second part, that she came back is truth.  Through her faith in God, through prayers cried out from the depths of despair, Ms. Rose made her way back to life, as normal as we can expect.

little gril

little gril

Anorexia is something just about everyone understands, on some level, today.  We have seen movies or heard about it in the news enough to know it is a disorder, mental and physical.  But when Ms. Rose was a girl, this was not something widely understood or recognized.

Little Girl Crying is a detailed account of her story.  She goes into a great deal of detail to make the reader see her struggle almost first hand.  She takes the reader on a journey where she found herself again, and knew who she was in God’s eyes.  

This would be a good book to read to understand the thought process behind someone who is struggling with self image issues or even as far as anorexia.

NOTE : I received a complimentary copy of Little Girl Crying in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review : Young Whit

Did you curl up next to the radio about 7:30 listening to Adventures in Odyssey when you were a kid?  Did your kids?

amazon whit

Well, I didn’t but my children certainly did!!  We loved and still love John Avery Whittaker and the whole cast in Adventures in Odyssey.  My boys would wake up on Saturdays to listen on an obscure radio channel they found through trial and error!  We bought cassettes, then CDs with the stories so we could listen, at will, in the car while traveling the US.

Young Whit is a love, by Phil Lollar and David Arnold, and this book goes back to the main character John Avery Whittaker and introduces us to the boy.  It is his history.  It gives us insight into the back story of the lovable man who helps point everyone to Jesus and loves them unconditionally.  His patient demeanor and his big heart win everyone over!

Meeting John as a boy, when he first moves to Provenance, North Carolina, is a charming experience.  Walking through his adolescence, 6th grade year, and seeing how he meets new friends, makes a few “enemies” and figures out his way helps the reader see a little of themselves and their friends in him.  If you have never moved, and therefore never been the new kid you see this experience through John’s eyes.  If you have been, you can totally relate to his story!

I really loved this story.  I read it to Anna the past few weeks and we both wanted to keep going to get to the next part!  It was well written and a great story for all of our kids to get Whit’s backs story!

I HIGHLY recommend this book, since I would recommend ANYTHING Adventures in Odyssey.  These books help connect with kids going through the tough years of life and help them figure out just who they are, and whose!

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of Young Whit in exchange for an honest review.



Book Review : Christmas by the Sea

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that we love to go to Maine every year!  You might also know that I thoroughly enjoy reading Christmas books in the fall, leading into the Christmas season!


This year Melody Carlson’s book Christmas by the Sea was offered to me and you know I snapped it right up!!  The best of two of my favorites!!

Christmas by the Sea is a sweet story of a widowed mom who is taking her son to Maine. The goal of the trip is to determine the state of the beach house she spent summers in as a child, so that she can sell the house and pay off debts.  Spending the summers at this house filled her childhood with countless memories that she still remembers fondly, but she Wendy knows that there is no way she can actually live in this quaint summer tourist town!

Caleb, Wendy’s 12 year old son has other plans.  He’s packed everything he cares about into their car for their “two week trip” with high hopes of making this a permanent move.  Caleb falls in love immediately with the ocean, the coast, the house and everything else about Seaside, where their cottage is.

Surprised that her grandfather did more to the cottage than she expected, Wendy realizes that she will be able to sell it quickly, after a few fix-ups.  As she is getting the place fixed up Wendy also remembers her creative passions and begins creating things with the finds that she and Caleb bring back after their daily beach combing trips.

This is a sweet story on so many levels.  I loved seeing how Wendy and Caleb settle in quite quickly into their little cottage, even though she things they will be leaving soon.  I loved seeing Caleb find his joy again, since losing his father a few years ago.  And I love seeing how Wendy lets her heart find love again.

This is a quick read, with a sweet story.  I loved the scenery and the picture that Melody Carlson paints of Seaside, the cottage and more.  Every detail is right on with what I know and have experienced in Maine!

I recommend this sweet story, it would make a great read for you, or a great Christmas present for the reader in your life!

NOTE : I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.