Current Happenings

Well, life has kind of taken over for me, and blogging has taken a back seat.  Let’s see if I can’t get a handle on things and get this updated a little bit!!

For one, kitchen remodel 2017 is underway. Started about 10 weeks ago, or so?  At the same time we started remodeling Anna’s room, then moved the boys to the garage, and worked on getting Eli his own room.  Who does three to four remodel projects at one time?  Oh yeah, and adds another flower bed?  No one who is sane!  But for some reason I managed to start all these projects!!


Anna’s room remodel was awesome!   It was mostly done by her April birthday and she loved it!

The boys have moved to their garage “dorm room 1.0.”  They are loving their new space!!  Eli loves having his room to himself!!

The kitchen has been a huge process with tons of painting, more painting, and more painting.  But it is coming together slowly!

IMG_3737IMG_3738IMG_3742IMG_3745Maybe now that we are starting to wrap up our projects, I might have time to keep up the blog a bit more!  Maybe!

Introducing Jade & Kerria

These sweet girls arrived at our place on Wednesday morning about 4am.


Needless to say, we are smitten!!


They are super cute, very attached to one another, and they love to get scratched and loved on!!

img_2449Both are girls, Jade is the brown one, first born, Kerria is the black one and second.  Both named after flowers!!

I am afraid both may end up staying, so hard to say goodbye when they are so cute and might make great mamas!!

The County Show

What an exciting, wonderful, and exhausting week we just had!  Wow!


I do think this is one of our favorite weeks of the year, but by the end we are seriously exhausted!!

This year we did a bit more than we have int he past, and will probably do even more next year!!  First, we added rabbits to our show-line up.  Eli and Anna both showed Mini-rex breeding rabbits.


Getting the rabbits checked in


5th place Sr Buck

Of course we showed our broiler chickens.


Eli’s holders!


Jacob and his holders Jonathan and Patrick


Judging time


Sweet girls holding chickens

Then we actually submitted projects and listed them for the auction.


Eli’s cupcake Stand


Anna’s Flower Pot


Peter’s Hanging Herb Planter


Jacob’s Observation Hive


Anna’s Decorated Jar


Auction – see that beekeeper selling his hive?

We did it again!


Well, we have another baby to introduce!!


We added sweet Iris to our farm last week when a friend called to see if I wanted her.  Her momma would not let her nurse, or really have anything at all to do with her.  So sad.

But we are excited, we are already smitten with her! She has no idea she is a goat, and right now that is ok with us.


We are bottle feeding her.  She lives with us, sleeping in a dog crate in the laundry room.


Not sure she is going to like finding out she is a goat.  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it!    Meanwhile we love this little blue eyed beauty!!


Herbal Healing Salve

This is our family’s favorite product, well maybe next to the soap, we sure love that soap!


This healing salve is something I saw on pinterest, I think, and then when I had the chance to buy a start for the plant I grabbed it!!  So we started growing it.  Then, I started making this wonder-product!!

This is our favorite because we use it on everything from cuts, to bug bites, to burns.

I made this and we were using it for minor cuts and scrapes.  Then a friend had a grease fire and had severe second degree burns.  She came over to grab some essential oil that was supposed to help, that I had.  While here, I offered her this salve to try.  I had read all the great things about it but had not experienced them much first hand other than on our scrapes and cuts.

She told me this was the only thing she wanted to put on her burn because it was the only thing that helped.  I was thrilled!!

Then another friend, who I gave a small jar to, told me a bee stung her near the eye, and again I suggested this salve.  The next day she told me it was the only thing that felt good and the swelling and irritation was down tremendously!

Since then, my kids are fighting to have their own tin of this salve in their pocket so when they are out and about a get hurt they have it!  Crazy kids!

Anyway, we love this stuff, and hope you will try it yourself!!