Lighthouse Day

So, today we tried to get in three lighthouses, but only made it to two!  The second required a mile walk out and another mile back, so we are too tired to make it to the third for today.  We had fun though and found some great beach treasures!!IMG_8939

Peter at Marshall Point Lighthouse.IMG_8944

Anna on the rocks looking for sea glass and other treasures!IMG_8948

Now they all found tide pools and are looking for fun finds!IMG_8955

Looking in the rocks for sea glass!IMG_8960

Here we all are with Marshall Point behind us.IMG_8966

The two oldest boys.IMG_8973

Behind is the lighthouse keepers house, not used any more.  Beautiful coast line!IMG_8974

Here are the kids about to walk the breakwater in Rockland.  The walk is 1 mile on these huge granite boulders.IMG_8976

This is the mid-point of the walk – with 1 solid piece across.IMG_8977

Finally at the end – the light house itself.IMG_8979

Along the coast are the Camden Hills – Mt Battie is in there somewhere.  Again, just pretty.IMG_8982

Only 2 Lighthouses, but still a good day!  Had to head back to the point for happy hour snacks, sitting by the fire, and another wonderful meal!


Maine Mushrooms

While we were walking the other day through the Maine woods we noticed all the different mushrooms. I decided I needed to start taking some pics of all the varieties. These were all taken on one walk! It is fun to see all the different kinds there are here!

fungus 1fungus 2fungus 3

fungus 4fungus 5fungus 6fungus 7fungus 8fungus 9fungus 10fungus 11fungus 12 b

mushroom 13mushroom 14 bmushroom 15 (2)mushroom 15mushroom 16mushroom 17mushroom 18mushroom 19mushroom 20mushroom 21mushroom 22

More Lighthouse Fun

So after our morning at Owl’s Head we decided to run off to two other Light Houses.

Marshall point

First up was Marshall Point Light House – we love this one too, but do not make it here every year. 

marshall point lh my gang

This is the light house Forest Gump ran to on the east coast.

3 boys MP4 kids rocks spray MPkids dad at MProbert at MP

J even got his hands on the camera for a few minutes and got a few pics of Robert and me.

me and robert at MP vertme and robert by jbme and robert Lighthouse

As you can see the fog from our morning visit to Owl’s Head disappeared!!  It was a beautiful trip to Marshall Point!!

Eagles {check}

What a thrill to see Eagles.  In. Real. Life.

I have never seen an eagle except for the zoo, but I have heard plenty about them from Betsy (Robert’s mom) and I was dying to see one!  I was so hoping that this would be the year!!

And it was!

I saw them the other night, but tonight I asked Robert to take me out on the boat (with my camera) to see if we can catch some pics!  So here is what I got….

2 eagles in tree top2 eagles sillouette in tree topeagle fly skyeagle flying in treeeagle wings spread

One of my favorites was this one..

eagle flying

So yes, check this off my list of things to do in Maine!  Lovely!!

And here are a few pics of the Osprey we have been watching too.

ospreyosprey (2)osprey (3)osprey flyingosprey flying again

We love the nature part of life up here in Maine!  So amazing to see God’s hand in so many ways!!