Non-Traditional Thanksgiving {AKA Redneck Thanksgiving}

Yes, you read that right.  We enjoyed a Non-Traditional Thanksgiving this year – Redneck Style.

Since we did the turkey and sides on Tuesday with the whole family, we were thrilled to accept the invitation for Taco Salad and Guns for today!!  Robert was working, so he did not join us.  Jacob was dropped at the airport earlier this morning on his way to DC.

So the rest of us headed to the Cook Corral for some fun!


I admit, dropping my boy off at the airport, to go with 28 strangers to DC was kind of hard.  He was extremely anxious about going with people he has never met, flying without any family, and the whole idea of this trip.  His anxiety caused me to almost lose it as I was already anxious about his going too!  But I kept things under wraps, dropped him off, and headed to Larue for some food, friends and guns.

You know you are at the Redneck Thanksgiving when you spy this:


You had your pick of rifle or pistol depending on which range was open



There was lots of fun had!!  The guys shot skeet, pistols and a few other rifles.  Daddies helped the younger ones.


This was Peter’s pistol shooting – 100%


Can you see all the shells on the ground?  This is when the younger men arrived (aka teenagers) they sure had some fun!  The clays had no chance against these guys!img_0626

So much to be thankful for, friends, their family, and then a gorgeous sunset.


It was a good day!

{I cannot believe I did not take a single picture of food! We loved our easy Build Your Own Taco Salad bar}

Travel Time

This trip to Maine has been my favorite yet!!  This year we stopped at every State Welcome Center – and we geocached in nearly every state as well!!  It was lots of fun grabbing a state map, sometimes a state pin too – and stretching our legs.  I even had to turn around once since I was in the wrong lane to exit! At that point I could not miss logging the welcome center or geo-cache, we were on a roll!










And finally we arrived in MAINE!!


Another Day at Owl’s Head

owl's head sign


We finally made it to Owl’s Head with Robert to play in the low tide!

We always enjoy our time at Owl’s Head.  We love to wander on the rocks and find all sorts of animals living in the tide pools and under the rocks!

ag and star fished and crablimpet 2

red sea urchin

Red Sea Urchin

slipper shell 2

Slipper Shell

star fish and hand

It was a foggy day at Owl’s Head – we did not seem to mind too much.

foggy way to OH

We found a red sea urchin this day, a green star fish, and a 4 legged star fish growing back its other leg.  We always enjoy finding cool stuff and taking lots of pictures too!!


More to come…..