Bringing all natural products to your home!
Bringing all natural products to your home!
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Handmade Salves

We make an assortment of salves for very different situations.

Our Comfrey is our overall, go-to for anything you might put neosporin on.  This salve is made from the Comfrey Plant.

Our Skin Salve for for irritations, it is infused with Lemon balm, calendula and also has a little comfrey.  

Our Arnica Salve is for muscular pain.  This will help minimize bruises and reduce inflammation in muscles.

Lastly our Magnesium Cream is for anxiety and stress.  This also helps a person go to sleep and it is another way to replenish depleted magnesium.

Please note, these statesments are not FDA approved.  You should consult your doctor before treating any issues or injuries.