Bringing all natural products to your home!
Bringing all natural products to your home!
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Is Local Honey Really Good for you?

The short answer is yes.  But understanding what you are buying when you grab a jar of honey is vital to knowing if it will work or not.

First – is it RAW?  This means that it has not been heated above 110 degrees.  Some beekeepers heat their honey so they can move it faster through filters, and for bottling.  It is important to ask your beekeeper if they heat their honey. Honey that is raw will still contain all the living enzymes needed to protect your body from a histamine overdose.

Second – is it LOCAL?  In order to understand whether the honey you are buying is local or not you need to know where the bees reside.  You need to ask the beekeeper where their bees are.  They may live in Dallas and keep bees 100 miles outside to the east.  That same beekeeper may be selling their honey in Fort Wort to a customer who lives on the west side of the metroplex.  The issue is not the miles between the two locations – it is more about the plants that grow where the bees are versus where the customer lives.  You want to buy honey from bees that are working the same plants as where you live.  This ensures that the pollen in the honey will be the same pollen you are reacting to in your home area and will help fight the reaction. 

Bottom line – if you find local honey in an area that has plants similar to where you live, you can expect to feel benefits from it.  In some areas of Texas the same plants are grown for hundreds of miles, so that would all be local to people living in the same area.  It is not about the town or number of miles away.

The other important thing to consider is when the honey was harvested.  If you have spring allergies you want spring honey, and if you have fall allergies you want fall honey.  So this is another question to ask your beekeepers.

There have been reports though, that taking any raw honey every day will build your immune system and help with allergies.  So no matter where you live, what you are allergic to, there is a benefit to finding a beekeeper, getting their honey and taking a teaspoon or so every day!

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